Bareblock & Mattresses

We are able to produce both rubberized coir bare blocks and interlocking coir bare blocks or finished mattresses of varying densities. Also we specialized in sandwich mattresses that have (depending on customer’s requirement) Natural Latex Foam either in between layers of coir, on top or bottom or both for added comfort.

100% Natural & Eco Friendly.

ISO 9001 certified state of the art production facility.

Sri Lanka's only exporter of Rubberized, Interlocking coir products.

Manufacturing bonnell and pocketed spring mattresses with coir pad inserts to international standards.

Ability to produce as per the customer’s cultural, environmental and specific needs.

Varying densities and fibre: latex ratios can be produced.

Ability to finish mattresses as per customer's requirement with given materials ensuring world class standards.

Flock and Needled Felt

Flock and needled felt is made from virgin fabric off-cuts from the garment industry in Sri lanka as these off-cuts come from garment cutting tables, the material is free from any impurities and is completely hygienic.

Flock is a semi-finished product out of fabric off cuts.

This consists of a mix of cotton, acrylic wool fabrics.

Application as a raw material for Needled Felt Pads & Thermo-bonded felt pad production.

Needled sheets made out of the flock form. This consists of a mix of cotton, acrylic, wool fabrics and Jute.

Can be produced with or without a fabric backing.

Available in varying densities ranging.

Thickness Ranges 8 mm - 12 mm.

2 m Wide - In cut sheets or Rolls.

Applications include - Bedding industry, Automobile Industry, Foot-wear Industry, Furniture, Upholstery, Filtration Purposes, As a Packaging Material, Sound & Heat Proofing.