The feature of hydroponic gardening is a soil-less growing medium. Hydroponics Growing Medium act as an anchor to the plant so it does not fall over as it grows, provide good drainage of nutrient solution and allow the flow of oxygen to the plant roots. Coconut fiber is becoming one of the most popular soil less growing mediums in the world. It is the first totally “organic” growing medium that offers top performance in hydroponic systems. Coconut fibre maintains a larger oxygen capacity and also has superior water holding ability, which is a real advantage for hydroponic systems that have intermittent watering cycles. As world’s largest and oldest coconut fibre product manufacturer, Hayleys Fibre offers you;

Grow Bales

Bulk compacted version of Coir pith or Coir husk pieces or mixture of Coir pith and Coir husk chips.

Used for agricultural purposes.

Optional Wave netting or Bio Mulch Blanket netting or Coir Geotex netting.

Mainly use for large-scale Soil-less media compost manufacturing Commercial Nurseries, Green houses and Farms.

Grow Blocks

Large variety of compressed different shaped blocks are available Granular size ranging 0.5mm to 8mm is obtainable.

Hard compressed block is expanded by absorbing specified amount of water.

Expanded pulp of coir pith can be used as soil free media to grow plants.

Processed coir pith help to minimize/avoid unwanted bacteria growth to insure a healthy nursery.

Customized packaging can be handled.

Grow Bags

Compressed slabs of growing media is packed in polypropylene bags for pot free planting.

UV Treated polypropylene cover enhances the durability.

At planting, water is added to the slab through plant holes to facilitate its expansion to fill the bag.

Ideal for Commercial nurseries, Greenhouses as well as Home gardeners who are employing the Hydroponics growing techniques.

Works well with Drip irrigation systems.

We offer further variations of this product where we introduce Coconut pith/ rice straws/Husk chips to enhance the aeration of the media.

Universal and fertilized grow bags are available at your choice with varieties of pH, EC and nutrition levels.