For Greenhouses, in order to get the best results when using Growbags, it’s important to source the material from a producer who manages the coco coir – both the fiber and the pith, and from its harvest to the finished Growbag product.
That’s what we do at First Concept. We are fully engaged in the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of our Growbags, providing complete oversight from start to finish. We manufacture high-quality Growbags according to each type of cultivation. Everything is under one roof.
So whether your crop is tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, peppers or whatever, we will work with you to customize the right Growbag for your growing needs.

  • Compressed slabs of growing media are packed in polypropylene bags for pot free planting.
  • UV Treated polypropylene cover enhances the durability.
  • At planting, water is added to the slab through plant holes to facilitate its expansion to fill the bag.
  • Ideal for Commercial nurseries, Greenhouses as well as Home gardeners who are employing the Hydroponics growing techniques.
  • Works well with Drip irrigation systems.
  • We offer further variations of this product where we introduce Coconut pith/ rice straws/Husk chips to enhance the aeration of the media.
  • Universal and fertilized grow bags are available at your choice with varieties of pH, EC and nutrition levels.
Product - Grow BagsGRBG1001510GRBG1002010 GRBG1002010 GRBG1001510 GRBG1002010 GRBG1002010 GRBG1002010 GRC101007
Size-Expanded LxWxT(cm) 100x15x10 100x18x10 100x20x10 90x15x10 90x18x10 90x20x10 18x18x20 9x9x7
Size-Before Expanded LxWxT(cm) 100x15x2.5 100x18x2.5 100x20x2.5 90x15x2.5 90x18x2.5 90x20x2.5 18x18x5 9x9x7
Weight Kg 1.7 2.0 2.2 1.5 1.8 2.0 0.8 0.07
Mix CFP - Un Sieved 80% 100%
10C Chips 20% 0%
Mixed NA
Packaging With Grow Bag, palletized and 2 color print.
Approx. no. Pcs./Pallet 580 525 500 580 525 500 1,650 4,608
No. of Plant Holes 4 -   NA
No. of Drip Holes 4 -   NA
No. of Drain Holes 10