Horticulture, Bedding &

Upholstery products & Solutions

Firstconcept inc. is a company that involve in the import, and distribution of Soil Erosion control, Lawn & Garden, Hardware, Hand Protection, and House Mats products. Our products are manufactured by our own factories based in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand & Indonesia. Our entire line consists of eco-friendly products. They are made out of coconut coir fibers and rubber which makes them biodegradable.

Our Products

Horticulture Products

Leaders in the supply and manufacture of quality horticultural products, propagation equipment, greenhouse materials, grow bags, potting machines etc.

Growing Media Products

Erosion control products have many applications and currently support many civil engineering projects including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments.

Coir & Rubber Based Floor Mats

Firstconcept Inc. is a leading importer of Coir and Rubber based Floor Mats to Homes, Garden and Industry and is always on the forefront in developing innovative, eco friendly products.